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Logistics Services

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Logistics Services

Logistics is ensuring that the right things are in the right place at the right time. AK Logistics has been doing it “right” for its customers. Whether you need us to design innovative solutions for your business, plan, coordinate and execute a one-time project or provide ongoing management through warehousing and distribution, we are more than ready to take the reins. 
At AK Logistics, we offer well-developed end-to-end supply chain management to manufacturers and retailers across a broad range of industries. Our first-in-class logistics management includes information technology, facility management and transportation services. With innovative engineering, we can design a just-in-time supply chain that helps your business grow and thrive and fulfills your logistical needs faster and more cost efficiently than anyone else.

Furthermore, we believe that small details can make real differences to business. Across our whole range of services, we are constantly looking to provide new initiatives and services that will make a difference to your business. As a result of our business development, we offer the following value-adding services:
  • Product sourcing:
    Since locating new suppliers can be both challenging and time- consuming, we can assist by utilizing our extensive network of worldwide partners, providing direct introductions to potential suppliers and transmitting your requirements correctly across language, cultural and business barriers.
  • Reverse logistics:
    Your logistics need may not end once your product reaches its final destination. Thus, we to offer a full reverse logistics capability from customer collection through returns matching and processing QC inspection, load consolidation and return load to supplier. We work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and branded and retail companies to identify the best ways to manage their reverse logistics operations.