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Industrial Project Solutions

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Industrial Project Solutions

We recognize that no two projects are the same and every project is unique. Therefore, AK Logistics has worked tirelessly with our customers to provide customized service that tailored their specific project needs. 

Based on past experience and technical know-how, we have been successful in the planning, design and implementation of industrial projects by adopting a methodological approach.  Generally speaking, our model consists of the following key steps:
  • Analyze, acknowledge and formalize status of project infrastructure
  • Research and identify strength, weaknesses and opportunities of projects
  • Analysis of Critical Items
  • Shipping Procedure Consulting
  • Planning, Monitoring and Managing the Transit
  • Identify local issues affecting project solutions including topography, weather, political climate
  • Departure and Loading Procedures
  • Cross-Trade, contact and develop solutions to provide seamless transactions
  • Research and develop route surveys, feasibility studies, shipping models, etc.
  • Complete inland transportation at origin and/or destination
  • Control movement of oversized and heavy lift cargo worldwide

By optimizing operation parameters as well as minimizing risk factors, we can ensure that the best solution is achieved with customer satisfaction.